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September 14, 2005
(editor's note: prior to LetsRun.com and just before the dark ages there was TNFMedia.com, which was run by John Schiefer and Ryan Grote (a national class runner). One of the highlights of TNFMedia was the Grote Poll were Grote, an NCAA XC qualifier himself, analyzed the NCAA field in his every humorous style.  Expect to laugh and be insulted at the same time)

2005 Grote Polls
1) Preview of the Grote Poll Preview August 25, 2005
2) Grote Poll Preview September 5, 2005
3) The Grote Poll Addendum B September 14, 2005
4) End of September/Beginning of Real Meets Edition September 27, 2005
5) 1st Weekend of October Edition October 10, 2005
6) The Post-Pre-Nationals Grote Poll October18, 2005
7) Conference Meet Preview October 26, 2005
8) The Post-Conference Grote Poll November 2, 2005
9) The Pre Regionals Grote Poll November 10, 2005
10) Nationals Preview November 15, 2005
11) 2005 Grote Poll Awards November 30, 2005

…The One Before The Ones That Will Cover The Stuff That Really Starts to Matter and the One After The One That Missed A Thing or Two Yet Still Will Be Pretty Inaccurate and Frustrating For Most Who Bother To Read It…

    Without too much important real racing action to cover, I think its worthwhile to rethink a few things.  Then again, rethinking would suggest that there was actually some sort of thinking and/or thought process that already occurred on my end.  That would be incorrect.  I have been supplied with some better information, some of which I might actually process and employ in the following Grote Poll Addendum.  This will lack the depth of confusing, worthless, directionless commentary that The Grote Poll Preview exemplified.  It will however address a few omissions and feature of few tweaks of the rankings based on observation, tips, results, or simply just baselessness.  

    Before re-ranking the rankings, let us begin with Gaylord.  The Ducks ventured north to Portland, then ventured fearlessly further north to a place most civilized men have never seen…beyond The Bluff, beyond the University of Portland campus, deep into the heart of North Portland, an entity governed by none…Pier Park.  Gaylord was not in the race, North Portland, St. John's, Pier Park, are no place for somebody named after a camel.  Correct.  A camel.  The nickname for Campbell University is “The Camels” and the mascot is named Gaylord.  Or so I am told.  I was once in a race, beaten soundly by a runner from Campbell, whilst being lapped by Kevin Greene of Winthrop…ahhh, wither The Greene Machine!?!?  Oregon's school colors prominently feature the color green.  I was once lapped (very hard and fast I might add) in the NCAA 10k in Eugene, hosted by Oregon.  See how things are tying together?  When I was a young boy in Wisconsin, I used to visit a camel named Rudy at an A&W in Heartland, just west of Milwaukee.  I once shared some of my fries with Rudy.  This was frowned upon by the powers-that-be at A&W, but Rudy seemed to appreciate my generosity.  He did not look as if he had a cockandballs on his face like that camel in the cigarette ads.  Gaylord, however, wears a breatheright strip on his nose, which in the neighborhood of Pier Park would have been tormented far more than somebody whose facial features resembled a set of cockandballs.  

    Moving on from Gaylord and onto the Soprano's topic. Bernards HS (alma mater of myself, CU Coach Mark Wetmore, many others) had its first dual meet cancelled due to the filming of an episode of The Soprano's in Boonton, NJ.  This is the town where Jackie Jr., was whacked.  CU's two Jersey guys have been dubbed Tony and Ralphie by a few.  Ralphie was there first, and crossed the line first in the time trial.  His head being buried in a bowling bag aside, things are going well for Ralphie.  Both Tony and Ralphie have done there fair share of running around Bernards.  Interesting to note that the episode in question which disrupted the meet featured Vito.  For those who are not Soprano enthusiasts, Vito was seen last season…how should I put this gently…ummm…BLOWING a security guard.  Anyway, there is nobody pinned with Vito as a nickname at CU, that would be more appropriately hung on somebody at Stanfurd.  CU guys are manly men, men of the outdoors.  As much as they are into running, they are exposed to other active outdoor pursuits.  Take a guy like Pete Janson, who came all the way from Texas, and has learned what its like to be a skier and taken a keen interest in cycling, even though he rides a bike worth no more than a pair of free running shoes.  

    On to The Grote Poll Addendum(b), first The Grote Poll Top 31, then the revised regional rankings.  As always, I'm right and I'm right, feel free to email me at Grotewurst@aol.com



2.  ARKANSAS-  They scare me this year.  I think they might win.

3.  COLORADO-  Rough treatment for the defending champs.  Until I am confident that they are avoiding Jamba Juice at all costs, the stay here.

4.  IONA-  Add Ugandan Harbert Okuti (11th at World Junior X-C) to the mix, and figure their 5th is a 4:02/13:55 guy in Connolly…again no Jamba Juice around there, the Gaels (not at all like Gaylord) are loaded.

5.  BYU-  They were underrated, the previous #5 perhaps overrated.

6.  STANFURD-  Just want them to remain 6th.

7.  NOTRE DAME-  Some health questions amongst some of the top guys from The University of Portland of The Midwest.

8.  TEXAS-  Coach Vig is a head coach?  What a slap in the face to Dick Harter.

9.  ARIZONA STATE-  Better than Butler.  No Aguayo?  No problem.  

10. BUTLER-  Relying on reputation, ignoring graduation, or at least the completion of eligibility, not sure who graduated or not.

11. PORTLAND-  Something on this chasingtradition.com site about Conner making pancakes for guys on the team?  He made the mistake of having me in his home once…it got ugly before we ever got there and only got worse.  Sorry.

12. GEORGETOWN-  DeBole back?  Lots of names.  Ranked as the big regional favorite, not necessarily the case.

13. WILLIAM and MARY-  Led by The Count.  I have a Count Chocula t-shirt.  Its not that cool, all of these retro things are sort of insincere at this point.  I used to get the “Monster 3 Pack” at Costco, which is not to be confused with The Big 3 (meatball, pepperoni, and sausage).  Boo Berry (makes poop green) Frankenberry (almost stabbed a roommate for “borrowing some” once) and Count Chocula.

14. CAL POLY-  They are smarter than NC State so I move them up…unless of course Dave Honea still counts for NC State in the smarts department…nobody is smarter than Dave Honea, except maybe George Carlin.

15. NC STATE- Dropped on a technicality.  Look good to win ACC's again.

16. AIR FORCE-  Maintaining their spot.  How did they beat Washington in football?  The day of my first college x-c race, Washington hosted Nebraska in a night game at Husky Stadium, #1 vs. #2 (poop!) a great game won by the Huskies before the Billy Dough Hobert ordeal.  Great experience.  College kids with exposure to such things should enjoy and experience the college football scene.  

17. INDIANA-  Not to be confused with Indiana STATE, home of the NCAA meet, and the higher quality set of twins…The Waytons.  Really, just a cheap and easy way to drop in the name Wayton.  Big mistake leaving them out.  They hail from Jersey (albeit South Jersey) while the Jefferson's hail from Florida…NJ v. FLA…NJ always wins.  Except when the Heat swept the Nets, but that would have more to do with the fact that the Nets have a center from frigging Stanfurd.

18. IOWA-  When I drove across the country in the summer years ago, it did not smell good in Iowa.

19. MINNESOTA- I like the film, Fargo.  Particularly the wood chipper part.  Perhaps if I keep going with the Gaylord stuff, Nike will send somebody to stuff me into a wood chipper.  That would suck.

20. AMERICAN-  The Centrowitz squad moves ahead of his alma mater.

21. OHIO STATE- When I drove across the country in the summer years ago, I got stuck in traffic in Ohio and made #1 in a 32 oz. Gatorade bottle while driving about 17mph.

22. FLORIDA STATE-  They return enough to not deserve the low ranking from the Grote Poll Preview.

23. MICHIGAN-  Really can not leave a Warhurst team out of the mix entirely.  Great recruiting classes the past two seasons.   

24. ARIZONA-  Ahead of the Ducks now.  They have more Kenyans.  The Ducks have none, at least not yet.  Neither Stanfurd, Arizona State, Portland or Cal Poly have any Kenyans.  Just an observation, not a xenophobic deal that people need to overreact to or anything.  

25. OKLAHOMA STATE-  What's with the French guy?  The dude McVeigh hopes to beat is named Philippe…the one with the unitard, hair gel and shades.  McVeigh should be on a strict yoga regimen to supplement any missed running training from old age.

26. OREGON-  That was a really neat article in Runner's World about Gaylord.  They did a little article about me and my store once that was good for business, but the magazine is the absolutely purest manifestation of weak action that I have ever encountered.  No wonder Marc Bloom is such a prominent writer for them.  Was the Gaylord article really written by that Donahue guy?  Or is that some sort of nome de plume for Marc Bloom?  Lame.  

27. GEORGIA-  Apparently Ngata is gone, but for nostalgia's sake, Dave Hartmann's team stays in the Grote Poll.  The esteemed coach witnessed some of rungroteschief.com/tnfmedia's finest hours way back when.  

28. LA SALLE-  First time in the meet with Torpey.

29. VILLANOVA- Hoping the full strength returning squad gets to run in Terre Haute twice this fall, good NJ representation, despite the fact that Bozo is an alum.

30. MICHIGAN STATE-  Rumors of a few redshirts.  Still ahead of the MAC squads?

31. COLUMBIA-  The lone Ivy League squad?  They have a Mainland guy.


Dartmouth, Providence, Virginia, Florida, Rice, EMU, Kansas, UTEP, Washington, Cal.



1.  Iona-  Clear favorite.  Bigtime team this year.

2.  Columbia

3.  Dartmouth-  Pretty good showing at home opener.

4.  Providence-  Not so impressive at VCP, loss to Princeton

5.  Cornell-  Decent dual win over Army, Mainland guy 5th man.  If these guys have hair and are Ivy Leaguers now, that might cause them to lose some of their luster, but I still count them as tough dudes.

6.  Brown

7.  Army

8.  UNH

9.  Yale

10. BC


1.  Georgetown

2.  American

3.  LaSalle

4.  Villanova

5.  Navy-  They have ships, submarines, weapons and stuff.

6.  Lehigh-  Alma Mater of McVeigh stays high until he loses to Frenchie.

7.  CBA-  NJ's finest

8.  Princeton-  After showing against Providence and Rob GROTE as 6th man, they should be even more annoyed by this ranking and position behind high schoolers.

9.  Maryland

10. Penn State


1.  William and Mary

2.  NC State

3.  Virginia-  Good enough for at-large?

4.  Clemson

5.  JMU

6.  Duke

7.  Campbell-  Gaylord the Camel.

8.  Louisville-  How long before Ron Mann has this team at NCAA's?  As long as it took Rick Pitino to get them to the Final Four?

9.  High Point

10. Wake Forest


1.  Florida State

2.  Georgia

3.  Florida

4.  Tennessee

5.  Auburn

6.  Alabama


1.  Arkansas

2.  Texas

3.  Rice

4.  Texas A&M

5.  Whatever

6.  Whoever

7.  Wherever


1.  Wisconsin

2.  Notre Dame

3.  Butler

4.  Indiana

5.  Ohio State

6.  Michigan

7.  Michigan State

8.  EMU

9.  CMU

10. Miami Ohio


1.  Iowa

2.  Minnesota

3.  Oklahoma State

4.  Kansas

5.  Illinois

6.  Mizzouri


1.  Colorado

2.  BYU

3.  Air Force

4.  UTEP

5.  Colorado State

6.  Texas Tech

7.  NAU


1.  Stanfurd

2.  Arizona State

3.  Portland

4.  Cal Poly

5.  Arizona

6.  Oregon-  Gaylord the kid, not the camel.

7.  Washington

8.  Cal

9.  UCSB

10. UCLA

2005 Grote Polls
1) Preview of the Grote Poll Preview August 25, 2005
2) Grote Poll Preview September 5, 2005
3) The Grote Poll Addendum B September 14, 2005
4) End of September/Beginning of Real Meets Edition September 27, 2005
5) 1st Weekend of October Edition October 10, 2005
6) The Post-Pre-Nationals Grote Poll October18, 2005
7) Conference Meet Preview October 26, 2005
8) The Post-Conference Grote Poll November 2, 2005
9) The Pre Regionals Grote Poll November 10, 2005
10) Nationals Preview November 15, 2005
11) 2005 Grote Poll Awards November 30, 2005

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